The “Skinny” poem

by Bertha Rose Amelia White Masters

Once there was a little girl…skinny as a cat

Who grew up to be a “Grand-mama”…and she was big and fat

She really hadn’t thought at all, as years and years want by.

When she made loaves of home made bread, and cookies, cakes and pies.

Each day she gained a little bit, it really didn’t matter

One day she suddenly realized, she’d grown a whole lot fatter.

But still she ate and still gained more,

Her clothes were big as tents.

She didn’t try to lose that weight, she didn’t have much sense.

Her kids were kind and loving, they didn’t treat her mean

But all the same they really wished that Mom was thin and lean.

And even Dad…the dear old guy, would shake his head and say.

I love you still, fat as you are, forever and a day.

So there she sat so big and fat, and munched and watched T.V.

Her kids wrote poems to send them home, to try to make her see.

So now she has a diet…to lose the ugly fat

It took 40 years to gain the weight—-

So shed some bitter tears.

40 more to get it off

she will live 100 years.

And starve to death….BOOHOO!!!

One Response to The “Skinny” poem

  1. Amanda Gunzenhauser says:

    I had no idea our grandma felt like that, I remember her sitting in a wheel chair on the lawn, as Lynn and I came into Ottumwa about 25 years ago. Lynn whistled whew hoo…grandma lifted her blanket and showed us some leg! Jerry you are awesome keeping us all posted!

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