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  1. George R. Matthews says:

    Hello Mr. Johnson,
    I am writing a biography of Zebulon Montgomery Pike. I am researching the Sugar Grove Plantation in Kentucky for information on Z. Pike’s visits to the plantation and his courtship of Clarissa Brown. I saw the exchange between Captain Brown and Pike when Pike asked to marry Clarissa on your website. What is the source for that exchange? Thank you, George Matthews

  2. Barbara MacLeish says:

    I am doing research on the history of the first Fort Des Moines, which existed 1834-37 on the site which became Montrose, Lee County. Iowa. One of the Dragoons who served there was Seth Hubbell. One tree online shows him as a son of Benjamin Hubbell and grandson of Seth Hubbell, with no information about date of death or family. I have been unable to find him in censuses. I will be grateful if you can shed some light on this Seth Hubbell.

    Below, my transcription of his record of enlistment from
    NAME Seth Hubbell
    AGE 24
    PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION blue eyes light hair light complexion 5’8
    BORN Charlton N. Y.
    OCCUPATION Tinsmith
    DATE OF ENLISTMENT 20 May 1833
    ENLISTED BY Capt Sumner
    TERM 3 years
    REGIMENT/COMPANY Drag B [Company B; under Capt. Edwin Vose Sumner]
    DISCHARGE DATE 20 May 1836
    CAUSE OF DISCHARGE Expiration of service
    REMARKS [discharged] At Fort Des Moines

    Barbara MacLeish

  3. Found this interesting. Just because I am from Milo, OK.
    My heritage includes Johnson’s and Johnston’s
    So found the names to be interesting.
    My Dad is a rancher in Milo, OK. Creede Speake.

  4. Randy William Ash says:


    I knew the Burkhart’s as a child. Wilhelmina was like a second grandmother to me. We often spent up to 3 weeks a year at her place there outside of Greenbush. I remember that she had 4 children, Ed is the only one that comes to mind–there were three boys and a girl. I remember ed’s children: Vicky, Eddy Ray, Edmund, Nora, and a littlest boy.

    I’d love to explore this further with you.

    Randy William Ash

  5. Janet Rasmussen says:

    I have found an error in your Family ID F8489. Matthew Neil was married to a Mary (Maria) Higgens, and you show the spouse as Mary, but you have put the daughter’s birthdate on her file. Check the date, it is the same as MaryAnn Neil. I am researching this line and have appreciated your site very much. Nicholas Neil was born 24 August, 1817 in St.James and Templetown, Wexford, Ireland. as seen in the Irish Catholic Parish Baptism records 1742-1881. I am hoping to get further on my search for Anne Campbell, but for the most part I remember seeing her marriage listed in the Bathurst Records, but have since misplaced the material.

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