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  1. Joshua Whitten says:

    I am Anna Whitten (maiden name: Lovelace) son. My grandmother was Wanda Lovelace (Teeple). You have done excellent work on this site. I enjoyed I enjoy searching the site.

  2. Your website is definitely one of the best – and particularly easy to use.

    I am a descendant of Obadiah Ayres (Ayers) who arrived on the ship at Massachusetts Bay in 1635. He married the daughter of Lieutenant John G. Pike who, at a quick look, is also your ancestor. I will add Pike to my surnames on Family Finder in Family Tree DNA. My Ayres line migrated to NW New Jersey, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, and others thence on to Benton County, Mississippi, Texas, and wherever. My Ayres (so spelled in South Carolina and beyond) were pioneers in Jefferson County, Alabama, at settlement. My Great-Great Grandmother was Julia Ann (Ayres) Barton (1826-1873) was born there. There are many descendants just from the Ayres in my county. They were founders of what became Bessemer, Alabama, although Julia Ann was born eastward. This family was hard to track, since ancestrally it came to Massachusetts (big surprise) through New Jersey. There were very early Ayres in Virginia where so many of my father’s families came originally. I do thank you for your extensive, well presented information.

  3. David Schorer says:

    Lillian Towner Schorer is my grandmother.

  4. MaryAnn Zimmer-Atkinson says:

    My Grandfather was Uncle John’s Zimmer’s brother. His name was Edward Zimmer. Their mother was Mary Estelle Crapo and Father was Edward Zimmer

  5. randa parent nee parrish says:

    hello- I have been doing research on par(r)ish family-my ggg-grandfather was dinander decolas par(r)ish h/o Annie McTAVISH- among his children were my gg grandfather John Franklin Par(r)ish h/o Phoebe Ann BROCK and his brother David J. Par(r)ish wed 1st Lydia KING and 2nd Sarah Jane DWYER-(KENDRICK Wm S.) her 1st husband David had 2 children Anna & John who wed Cora Maude TEEPLE. This is all I know-an obit I found said
    Simon c. TEEPLE of dollar settlement list a child-Mrs Parrish could you inform me if I am in thr wrong tree Thanking you in advance

  6. Arlene Gilbertson Del Real (Daughter of Norma Panknin Gilbertson) says:

    I have not been on the website just yet but have heard from my sister (Madeline) that it is spectacular. Will let you know.

  7. Linda Diff (formerly Peake) says:

    I don’t know who you are but you must me related to me somehow. You have my Grandfather Fred Peake and my Grandmother Louise on here. My father is Gerald Donald Peake Sr. I would like to know how you are related to my grandmother.

  8. Allison Trigger-Gallinati says:

    Hi Jerry

    I stumbled upon your website while lookng for information on my Grandfather. I apparently am somehow, very distantly related to you. I have information on the Trigger line from Iosco County Michigan if you are interested. Please feel free to contact.

    Allison Trigger Gallinati
    Wyandotte, Michigan

  9. mary a kowalski says:

    interesting site. i am searching family as well. can’t seem to get beyond great grandparents. saw you info on wilfred m fettes. he was my uncle and his date of death was 11-03-1989

  10. Kathy Jones-Kristof says:

    Thomas and Mary Wheeler are my 10th great-grandparents. They sailed to Mass in 1635 and they became very early settlers of Connecticut. You have a photo of what I believe is Mary Wheeler’s gravestone on your website. Thank you for posting it. I’ve never seen it before. What you’ve done is a remarkable achievement and I appreciate all your hard work.

  11. Eve Davis says:

    Hi I have been researching a related Family and you have Frederick G Muggelberg listed.
    His Father was “Fred” Christian Frederick Wilhem Muggelberg from Prussia, Germany (he served in the Michigan 22nd Infantry in the Civil War) and his Mother is listed as Othillia Jonas on your Fred’s younger brother Julius Muggelberg (Michigan Deaths and Burials Index, 1867-1995).
    There are also older sisters Louisa A born abt 1860 and Frances born abt 1862. Fred Sr seems to have been son of Frederick and Elizabeth where you find them living together in the 1870 Census.
    Fred Sr married again after his wife Othillia passed to Henrietta Heidebreicht and they had 3 more sons together.
    Have a wonderful day

  12. Shannon Elliott says:

    Hi there. I am a descendant of Ambroise Sicard too. My great grandmother on my maternal grandmother’s side was a Secord. We have always known that we are related to Laura Secord but I didn’t know the exact line, until now. I have been messaging back and forth with David Hemmings who has been filling me in on all the details. I don’t know who Marie is but my grandfather many times over, Stephen (Etienne) Secord was brother to James Secord who married Laura Ingersoll Secord. They are all traceable right back to Ambroise.

  13. N. Rowe says:

    I am a decendant of Catharine Mahala Milligan (of Wilson and Mary Macomber Milligan) and James Martin (0f John Martin and Margaret Rona) of Haynes Twp., Alcona County, MI. I currently live in SE Michigan and am researching the Milligan, Martin, LaChapelle, Wood, and anyone else before the 1800 century that applies. I also have Otis, Rowe, Harris, Smith, Grace, Barber, Preston, Lauray and Fullterton (just to name a few) in my blood if you have information on those surnames–mostly deeply-rooted in Michigan directly from New York. Your site is very informative and interesting! Thank you for your hard work and for sharing!

    • Randi Lowery says:

      I am a descendent of those two as well, they would be my great grandparents. Their daughter, Mary A. married John Teskey, and their daughter, Olive is my grandmother. Would love to share info with you.

  14. Spurlyn Gates says:

    Hi we live in Nova Scotia Canada Have been doing a gates family tree for some time. Now that I am retired My wife said I am at it all the time. We come from a British line to America around the last part of 1700, not on the Mayflower like everyone else lol must have been a bigger boat than I think they had back then. Joseph Gates was in the British Military 1800 Married to a Mary Grogan

  15. Dave Steigerwald says:

    I live in Greendale, Indiana (Lawrenceburg). I wanted to know about the Gage family.

  16. Dona Sharbono says:

    I’m Donald Dell Manning’s daughter. I’m not dead and my birthday is 02/08/61.

    Other than that, this site is a blast. Thank you for all of this!

  17. Beverly Beall Shockcor says:

    Hello Jerry:

    Penelope Van Princis b. 1622 in Amsterdam is also my 8th great grandmother. It goes something like this:
    Anita Verne Adkins – mother of Beverly Beall (myself)
    Ruth Rogers Baird – mother of Anita Adkins
    Jarret LeRoy Baird – father of Ruth Baird
    William LeRoy Baird – father of Jarret Baird
    William Baird- father of William Baird
    William Morris Baird – father of William Baird
    Avis Bowne – mother of William Morris Baird
    Andrew Bowne – father of Avis Bowne
    Mary Stout – mother of Andrew Bowne
    Penelope Van Princis – mother of Mary Stout

    I have just found your site and also just found and added Penelope to my ancestor tree. Thankyou for your website.

  18. Rachelle Karol says:

    My great grandfather was Florian Walentovic.

  19. Janet Rasmussen says:

    I am also researching Annie Campbell and Nicholas Duncan Neil! I have hit a brick wall as there are two Anne Campbells born in same time period (1821-1823) living in Beckwith, Lanark Co. I have hope though that some day I will find her parents information.

  20. Please fix error: Jackson TN is near Memphis. The Jackson Co TN you want to identify is located East of Nashville.

  21. Please fix error: Jackson TN is identifying area toward Memphis. The area you are trying to identify is called Jackson Co TN, East of Nashville

  22. Ronald Chapman says:

    Hello Jerry:
    The information that I have for Hugh Sargent and his wife Margaret Gifford differs from what you show.
    I have a son named Roger Sargent, born in 1562 and died in 1649, both in Northampton, England.
    I have Roger’s son named William Sargent, born in 1602 in England and died in 1682 in Barnstable, MA, USA
    I am related to this line; 29 generations from Osbern de Bolbec.
    Anything you can do to unconfuse me would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Ron

    • Jerry Milo Johnson says:


      Thanks for the note!

      It looks like Joanne Sargent’s father, and Hugh Sargent’s son, should have been named Richard Sargent b1575, not William b1575.

      I will verify this with a little more documentation, and correct this piece of data, and get a correction live this weekend.

      I will also add all of the other Sargent children, to help flesh out other connections.

      Very appreciative of the correction.

      Jerry Milo Johnson

  23. M. A. Chalmers says:

    I arrived at your website when I was looking for information on Andrew Kirk and Elizabeth Barber. I have been attempting to eliminate missing information, where possible. I don’t think I have any direct connection with any of your family although the Armstrong family might show some connection. I can’t check now but will as soon as possible. My ancestry is mostly Scottish, England and Irish. My paternal family originally settled in Dalhousie Twp, Lanark Cty, ON in 1821. Some members moved on to Lambton Cty, ON in the 1830’s. Mother’s side of the family came to Ontario in the 1830’s (English). Your website seems well developed; I printed a page just so I can take a better look later. Thanks.

  24. Jane Skeels says:

    My father was Arnold Byron Teeple who was born June 16, 1021 in Port Huron, Michigan and was a grandson of Thurames Marshall Teeple. My brother and my uncle both have the middle name, Marshall. Your site is fantastic! Thank you so much for all your work.

  25. Thank you for all the work and effort you have put into this website. Milo S. Towner is my Great-Grandfather.


  26. Karen Pratt says:

    Your tree contains some of my Pratt, Stevens, Bennett lines
    I was interested that you show Sweden Maine as a town in northern Maine instead of Oxford Co. I had always thought that Saveden ( as it appears in the family bible) was Sweden Maine of Oxford Co. Anything you have that places the family in Aroostook Co would be of interest

  27. Anna Coleman says:

    Hi, Jerry- what an amazing site! I would have very little to add, but I came across this while researching my husband’s ancestors. He is your 4th cousin, sharing Cornelius Hull as his great-great-great grandfather. Thank you so much for making your extensive research available!

  28. Rick Clark says:


    You are an invaluable resource For “Grandma Minnie’s” descendants through her son Charles, my father. It becomes always very clear the impact that “Uncle Milo” made on shaping the values that we carry throughout our lives. Dad spoke frequently about him and the guidance that he portrayed.

    I cannot thank you enough for making the stories come to life. Excellent genealogy but it is much more than that for all of us.

  29. Jay Gale says:

    Thank you for putting up this site Mr. Johnson.

    I think we share a lineage here, I was looking for geneaology on my Dad’s side of the family. His mother was Ethel Estelle Gale (Brown maiden name) and her father (my great grandfather) is James Perry Brown. I have his and his brothers homestead papers from the 1800’s framed and on display at my house. They settled in Northern Colorado, the Julesburg area, and James later moved down to Denver. He died in 1960 at age 99 and is buried at Crown Hill Cemetary in Wheatridge Colorado right next to his wife Minnie.

    This is a huge find for me, both my mother and father are now dead and I am doing this on my own. I have some records and photos but not much more to go on. You’ve filled in some gaping holes in my research. I’ll dig around and see what I have that may be of use to you

    Thank you again for doing this

    Jay Gale

  30. Jane Polcyn says:

    Hello Milo: I am Orville J. Hastings granddaughter and I sent some information to the main web sight to up date my family. Thank you for all your hard work. Will up date more information on Thelma C. Neuvion sans Cartier Hastings.
    Hope Spring will be here soon.

  31. Molly Collins says:

    Jerry, Your project came up when I was searching my mother’s name to verify year of her birth. How would one add information to your site? Molly in Boise

  32. Chris Miller says:

    Thank you so much for your “project” (looks like a life’s work) 🙂 wonderful job. I am Lawrence William Slauson’s granddaughter.

  33. Lynne Streick says:

    I have a copy of a 4 page handwritten letter from “Aunt Fema”, retelling a letter written by George Jack, the son of William Jack. It is such a historical story of their hardships in Proton County, Ontario and life in general in those times. I am not sure how I am related to this family, but Williams’s second wife Mary McQueen, I believe might be a relative. My tree is McLean, Ferguson, Moody. I would love to share this with you.
    I hope you will contact me so I can email the letter to you,
    L. Streick

  34. Lynne Streick says:

    First let me say, Boston Strong. Sincere condolences to your town, a town ironically built on immigrants. Precedent setting that they closed down an entire city at all costs and got the bastards in record time. Next trip, Boston. Xx

    Now, down to business. I have a 5 page copy of a letter regarding the William Jack family that perhaps, you may have seen. It tells their story of coming to Proton Township and the hardships and the sweetest, uplifting moments of their life . It describes lots of memories of settling and even a black man that had escaped slavery in the US and arrived in Canada, at their home.

    I need to know the connection, if any to the Jack family to my McLean or Ferguson family, both from this area of Mt Forest, Proton Twp. My connections could be Hugh McLean and Christina Ann McMillan or any Ferguson connection

  35. Jim Reuter says:

    Nice site! Came across it searching for info about Samuel Sessions, who came over with Thomas Dudley. I haven’t figured out how that ties into your ancestry since you don’t have full tree views, but your site did clarify some other information we have.

  36. Michael hunter phelps says:

    Hello, I was wondering about William Phelps’s 1st wife, Elizabeth. Where did you find out that her last name was Marshall? There seems now to be some consensus that he, born ca. 1590-1599, came originally from Crewekerne vrs. Tewksbury.Thanks for any info. M. Phelps

  37. Sheila LeClair says:

    Thank you for this incredible site. My paternal grandmother was a great-granddaughter of George Johnson and Margaret McCulloch (daughter of Daniel Stewart, granddaughter of John). If you need any information from me I will gladly help you.

  38. Kathy Toppins says:

    William Newberry is my great great grandfather. He died on Sept. 18, 1938 in Alcona Co., MI. He is buried in the Pleasant View Cemetery in Spruce, MI.

  39. Candace K. Schermerhorn says:

    I came upon your site while investing Thomas Lyon/Mary Hoyt as my grandmother is a Merritt they are my six ggrandparents. Problem is that I need to show proof of his father. Is there anything other than me taking a DNA test to prove Richard as his father? I know the circumstances of his arrival in America is vague. This is the one that really messes with my head. I am on and Since he knew Governor Winthrop and married Martha Joanna Winthrop and may have arrived here on one of his ships, there is a probable connection of nobility in his family. I can also say how cool it is to have a street in New York that has the name Schermerhorn/Hoyt for my family names sake.

  40. Trish Mazurek (nee Johnston) says:

    Hello! My grandparents are Della Milligan & William Johnston. My father is R.M. Johnston. I stumbled upon your site while trying to source family obits etc.

    • Jerry Milo Johnson says:

      Trish, thank you for the comment. Nice to meet you. If you notice any errors I have in my Milligan information, or if you do find obituaries and are willing to share them, I am always interested in getting my Alcona County, MI relatives better documented.

  41. mary bredefeld says:

    i am the 7th or 8th generation granddaughter of capt.benjamin griswold and his wife fannie maria mcintosh of savannah ga.if anyone has info on fannie maria mcintosh went id appreciate the info,or any info or photos to add to my collection it would be much appreciated.

  42. Josh Hornback says:

    Josh Hornback -1 Michael Dean Hornback -2 James Frederick Hornback -3 William Henry Hornback -4 James Bracken Hornback -5 Jesse Hornback -6 Abraham Hornback -7 Simon Hornback -8 Jacobus James Hornback -9 Warnaar Hornback

  43. Edith (Stout) Norrod says:

    I am from Peter Stout’s line. I have a cousin that is wanting to purchase a Penelope Stout Medallion. Do you still have some to sell? Hope to hear from you.

  44. I am from Michigan but now live in Zephyrhills Florida. My family surnames are: Sharp, Hollenbeck, Brando/Brandow, Durham, Brillhart, Waterman. My family roots are in Michigan, NY and Ohio for the most part.

    Gwen Sharp

  45. JoAnn LuCinda Clark-Crooker says:

    Hi… I was researching information about my Dad, Ronald Dale Clark. I found your chart and I just wanted to let you know that you have the year of my dad’s death listed wrong. I was born March 30, 1967. My Dad died February 4, 1968. You have his death year as 1967 and you see, I wouldn’t be here if that was the case…

    What an amazing find to find this chart… Thank you so much!!!

    My nickname is Jodi. So I have always been known as Jodi Clark…

  46. Barbara Kelman McMillan says:

    Just wanted to let you know that if you wish further information on the family in Scotland of Elizabeth Christina Kelman, I can let you have it.

  47. Joe Jorgensen says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Very nice work! I am a descendant of the Hornback, Trumbo, Bracken, Mappin, Killion, Crismere, Estill and Jennings lines….plus many more. My grandparents are Jorgensen, Mailander, Hart and Galbraith. But it wouldn’t be fair not to mention Denton and Herchenbach.

    My 5th Great Grandfather is Abraham Hornback.

    Take care. Thank you.

  48. John E. Herman says:

    Hi Mr. Johnson:

    We are researching John Herman and Elizabeth Batsly as these are relations to us (myself and my brother, name above) We are looking where they were buried..we have traced them to North Carolina but have not been able to find the burial place. Any info you can provide will be helpful..we have the family tree from John and Elizabeth forward if you would need any further information. (email above)

    Thank You

    Joyce Zellers/John E. Herman

    • Jerry Milo Johnson says:

      I see that there is a family group on yahoo for their descendants.

      I don’t see any reliable information on your John Herman moving to NC.
      I do see that Johannes Herman (1736 Germany-1813 NC) (who married Maria Motz) moved to Berks, PA and then to North Carolina and was buried in NC. (Old St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Cemetery, Newton, Catawba County, North Carolina, sometimes listed as Lincoln County).

      Your John Herman / Johannes Herrmann, and Elizabeth, have a LOT of wrong information on the web. birthdates of 1830 (75 years after their marriage), etc.

      Here is a good lead/fellow descendent:
      “Johannes Herrmann immigrated from Bavaria, Germany leaving Rotterdam and arriving at Philadelphia on ship “PEGGY” Oct. 16, 1754. He married Elizabeth Batsly, ca. 1755. 4 children – John, Philip T., Henry and Samuel.”

      Most dates list their marriage as March 16, 1755 in LAncaster, PA.

      I cannot even find solid death dates. And I dont see them moving away from Snyder, PA in anything I have read so far.

      Will try to look around as I go, and will keep hitting against that brick wall with you. If you find your answer, let me know.

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