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On September 16, 1935, the three churches sessions met at Alcona, seperately and then together, as agreed in August. A joint non-denominational youth group was approved and aide was requested from National Missions Those present agreed to meet again at the home of Samual Piper in Spruce.

At the December 16th meeting the trustees were requested to put a door in the choir area which would lead to the dining room (the dining room was where the choir area is now located). The trustees were also requested to get more wood for the stove. At the March session meeting Arthur Newberry was designated to represent the church at the Presbytery meeting.

A congregational meeting was called for March 30th, 1936, among other items the budget of $l32l.00 was presented, A. J. Newberry was elected elder for three year term and the Board of Trustees was increased to six members adding S. K. Erickson, A Silverthorn.three year terms,Lee Ross two years, and Gerald Johnson 1 year. The congregation moved to petition National Missions in the amount of $500. The clerk statistical report showed 13 members received 1 death total membership of Westminster 66 and Sunday School total members and teachers 77. Also at the presbytery meeting the books were examined and approved.

At the November 15, 1936, meeting of session the Rev. Miles Freeman tendered his resignation. A congregational meeting was called and Rev Freeman’s request was accepted to take effect January 1, 1937.

After consultation with the Saginaw Presbytery and a joint meeting of the three churches moderated by Rev. Mason, Alpena, it was agreed Rev. Henry Broughill of Alma be engaged as temporary supply.

March 4, 1937, the session met and since Garland Vincent of Princeton Seminary had been here and preached at the three churches, it was decided to call a congregational meeting for March 15th. Rev. Garland Vincent was called to be pastor with salary of $720.00, minister to furnish his own house, one month vacation and participate in the pension plan. Elders were appointed to take the call to Presbytery.

At the April 11, 1937, congregational meeting Jennie Boyce was elected elder, Johnson Ritchie, Gerald Johnson, and Herman Dehnke were elected trustees. The statistical report showed 63 member, 47 students and teachers in the Sunday School

August 4, 1937, the session gave Mrs. Newberry “authority” and instructed in arranging for the Annual Sunday School Picnic. It was decided the session would meet quarterly.

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On Sunday, January 9, 1937, the following children were baptized: parents Edwin and Florence Holmes – Helen Marie, George Edwin, Dorothy Mae and parents Floyd and Margaret Slater – Jacqueline Ann and Gloria June.

Congregational meeting of March 30, 1938, trustees reported a balance of $12.08, Ladies Guild $39.26, Ladies bBenevclent Society $12.09. Milo Johnson was elected three year term as elder, L. R. Ross, Rena Ross and Arthur Somers elected trustees. Aid from National missions was requested and statistical report noted 62 members.

April 10, 1938, Mr., Edwin Holmquist and Mrs. Gladys Holmquist were received and Janet Holquist and Richard Hertzler were baptized. The following Sunday Myrtle Beaver and Elinor MacDonald were publicly recieved.

Session planned an every member canvass at the March meeting and set the congregational meeting date for March 29th, 1939. Rev Vincent suggested session look into building a manse.

At the March congregational meeting treasurer reported receipts $1002.37 disbursed $950.38 balance $51.99. Other Arthur Newberry elected elder, S. K. Erickson and Herman Dehnke trustees. Per capita paid by the church in the amount of total $12.00. Noted 69 members 74 Teachers and students in Sunday School. Session recommended insurance in the building be raised $1500 total 3000.00 and $400 on contents. Budget was approved at $1500.00.

On Easter Sunday March 25, 1940, the following were received as members: Mary Dates Becker and John A Becker, Marguaret Stinchcomb and daughter Virginia, Jacqueline and Donna Ward daughters of Ethel and John Ward, Elizabeth MacGregor, and Charles son of Mary & John Becker was baptized.

A congregational meeting was called March 27, 1940, following the annual Sunday School banquet. Rev. Vincent gave a talk on the duties, privileges and responsibilities of a congregation. Wallace Clemens and J. F. Ritchie were elected trustees and Jennie Boyce elected elder. Budget of $1500.00 was accepted statistics show 85 students and teachers and 78 members of Westminster.

On Sunday July 21st, 1940 a congregational meeting was called. Rev Vincent’s resignation was received. A committee was elected along with Alcona and Caledonia churches to keep the pulpit filled and make arrangements for candidates and secure a pastor. The members of the committee from Westminster were A. J. Newberry, Rena Ross, Eddie Holmes, Herman Dehnke, and Milo Johnson. They began their search.

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