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Welcome to my Ancestry Project. My name is Jerry Milo Johnson. This website is dedicated to sharing research into my family history.

If you would, please sign my guestbook, to give me an idea of who is visiting, and from where, I would be grateful.

My family mostly originated in Ireland, Scotland and England, with a some German and “other” thrown in. They include the surnames of Johnson, Masters, Teeple, White, Finley, Graham, Hastings, Panknin, Armstrong and Pike.

There are currently over 23000 individuals, 8500 familes and over 2200 photos. But this is just a start.

If you have any family photos, copies of documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, family stories, family bibles, journals, letters, etc. please send copies to me as I would like to preserve any and all information for future generations of our family. I will pay for all copying, shipping, and photo restoration work needed. If you would like copies of any of my information, just let me know.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be a registered user and logged in before being able to view information and pictures of ‘living individuals’ on this site. Registering for an account is as simple as filling out the registration form. “Living” individuals include people I do not have any date information on, regardless of how far in the past they lived.


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Disclaimer: The data on these pages is compiled from various sources, many of which conflict. Not all has been authenticated. I would appreciate any feedback, corrections or information to add. You can e-mail me from the Talk Back page. — Jerry Milo Johnson

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  1. julie mrowka says:

    hi brother

  2. Doug King says:


    I’m a direct descendent of Rev. Elias Jenison Pike. I have extensive information about Elias’s descendents through his son Emory Jenison Pike. Emory J. Pike was my great grandfather and received the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1918.

    Contact me, and I’d be glad to share what I have with you.

  3. Jane Swanson says:

    Hi, Jerry
    Is this how I relate update information to you? I have some new dates, need to correct a spelling, and add some sibling information.
    Thank you . . . oh, this relates to ID 17849.

    Your distant relative,
    Jane Manning Swanson

    • Bonnie Jaroslaw says:

      Saw that you have a Christina Shimmel in your info. I’m related to her through my Mother. I don’t have her Mothers last name and you do, I was wondering here you got the info.

  4. Charles Pike says:

    @Doug King

    I believe i am a relative of Emory Jenison Pike and would love to learn anything about him that you may have to share.


  5. Cheyenne Vanluven says:

    Are there any Teeple family reunions being planned?

  6. Diana Kelsey says:

    I am a 11th generation decendant of William Kelsey thru his son Stephen (and his wife Hannah Ingersoll)……..! Have some dates for Williams’ children and who they married and other information you might like to include

    Your Distant Kelsey Cousin

  7. Michael Kelly says:

    Requesting any family history with the last names buckley, kelly, and dethman . I just found out that my 3rd generation grandfather is the 25th president of the united states willam mckinley debtman. Any information can also be sent to my address: Michael Kelly, 1824 W Irving St, Pasco, WA 99301

  8. paul congleton says:

    my name is Paul Congleton alot of my family is buried in the hillcrest cemetary in onaway.
    my family is from Irelan,scottland,& england.
    my granparents that are burried there are Rhoda & freeman congleton
    my father also Paul Congleton. Rhoda Congleton’s parents David & Cecilia Collins
    their Daughter Florence Mae collins Lynn.
    my grandmothers rhoda her 2nd husband alto snyder
    her brother lewis & mertle collins

  9. Eleanor MacIsaac says:

    I have info on Nathaniel Purdy and Christine Woster. They were married Dec 12 1790 in Granville Digby Co Nova Scotia Canada. She was a widow and her married name was John. On the marriage record it says Christain John, widow, alias Worster. They moved after a time to Bacarro Shelburne Co., Nova Scotia Canada. Nathaniel Purdy Jan 1817 Barrington Shelburne Co., NS Canada. His children as far as I know as of yet were Jacob Purdy and Abram Purdy. I decend from Jacob Purdy and his second wife Almira Bell.

  10. Eleanor MacIsaac says:

    Sorry but Nathaniel died January 1817 in Barrington Shelburne Co., NS Canada.

  11. John F. Teeple says:

    My daughter and I have searched our lines back to Peter Teeple, and I found your sight. Would like to swap info and what not with you.

  12. Jeff Hanlin says:

    Hello Jerry,
    Fun to see a few of my photo’s on your page. The photo you have of R.I. (Ruth Irene) McINtyre Hastings is actually Elizabeth (Betty) Robena Hastings Morgan. Shirley and Ruth’s eldest Daughter. My Mom was Marion Irene Hastings Hanlin the younger daughter! Hope you are well!

  13. Julie says:

    Please contact me via email regarding Cora Elizabeth Miller in your genealogy. She was my great great grandmother and I’m researching her – please let me know where you got the maiden name Wilson. I have a different maiden name for her. It’s possible she was brought up by a step mother who remarried. Thanks for helping me with this mystery!

  14. Bonnie Klems says:

    I an a descendant of Martha Allen Carrier and Thomas Carrier. My line goes through their daughter Sarah Carrier Chapman. I am also a descendant of Moses Cleveland.
    I have enjoyed looking at your web site.

  15. Michael Kelly says:

    I registered here a while back. I was wondering if you could track down some surnames with info if possible. Cobb, Gaddis, Dethman, Tyson and Kelly all attached . This is all the kin Im related to as well. The main part of those surnames is from Kentucky. Cobb, Gaddis, and Dethman. Let me know.

    Michael Kelly

  16. Fay Burke says:

    I’m daughter to James (Doc) Walter Gibson. I have pictures of of his father, George Washington Gipson, with brothers and sisters. Let me know if you would be interested. Really thrilled to find this website, thank you so much.

  17. R.W.Gallup says:

    Just to let you know there is a ” Dick ” dont remember the 1st name , with a John Gallup , also i think it was Thomas Stephens on a rev.war bounty grant i dont know if you ever seen it.

  18. Karen Bernstein says:

    Hi, Jerry. Richard Stout was my 8th great-grandfather also, through Jonathan, the third son of RIchard and Penelope. Which if their children were you descended from? I’ve found conflicting dates of death for Penelope – 1712 and 1732. How did you verify the year of her death? THe most convincing arguments seem to favor the 1712 date.

  19. Sheila LeClair says:

    Jerry: I am a 3rd great granddaughter of George Johnson and Margaret McCullogh F1121. I have the full family info through their son John b. 1809 d. 1903. Your information was extremely helpful since I live in Canada and am finding it extremely difficult to get access to whatever records exist in Northern Ireland.

    • Jerry Milo Johnson says:


      I would love to add and correct the information for George Johnson and the McCulloughs. (George is my 5th ggfather)

  20. Suzy Cervin says:

    Hi there,

    I am wondering if this site is still active. I am trying to register and log in, but am having no luck.

    • Jerry Milo Johnson says:


      Yes, the site is still active. It is just the administrator who has been slacking. He will get more active now that the weather has turned.

  21. Sue Allen Spencer says:

    Great Granddaughter of John F. Gallaway and Hannah M. Gallaway. (you have their headstones in Westlawn Cemetary, Harrisville, MI) There daughter Mary Gallaway who married Eli Spencer were my grandparents. Their son Clifford Allen Spencer was my father.

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