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If you want to get a username and password to allow you to see the password protected parts of the site, please let me know.

You can use the signup form to request a login.

Or just send me an email at with your email address and contact information and if/how you are related (if it is not obvious).

Logging in will allow you to see:

  • Details of living individuals (or people without any date details)
  • Pictures of living individuals
  • Details of minor children (birth, etc)
  • Pictures of minor children
  • Edit rights
  • Gedcom downloads

2 Responses to Request Login

  1. James Wright says:

    Grandson of James Claude Wright

  2. James Wright says:

    James Claude Wright was my grandfather. When he had my fater (Claude Fee Wright) he was an absent father. His son became an absent father as a result of James Claude Wright inablility to care for in any way for his child. This was perpetuated to me, James Claude Wright, and wish I could change my name from such a family monster.

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