The Baron walks a beat


– asks for 75000 acres, including a filbert grove and an abandoned apple orchard

includes cloister of woodworking monks, mix of elven and human.


– journeyman trips as collier

– starts apprenticeship as woodward

training in estate management, accounting, weapons training, horsemanship, politics and etiquette

sets up store
– gets furniture from used stores, from huge warehouse of old stuff of greyhammers
– hires old guy next door
– does wine and beer tastings, holds festval
– wagon-based carts for snacks/breakfast

visits other towns for gear, collier work



-magic doesnt work on destrian.


trying to get understand why shouldnt use the best charcoal for everything, ask why they dont make hilts and silverware and belt buckles out of top-quality iron. “That’s crazy. You don’t waste high quality materials on items that don’t require it. Oh.

– gets somewhat of a reputation –

– wren returns

– visits forest

difficult case comes in to the guard from a far town. whole clan killed. has a nearby suspect, but no proof.

skorp calls on cresset to come with them to see if he can add anything to the case.

– friend/handmaiden of annelin. parents are killed, household looted.
– neighbor suspected, need proof
– skorp leaves to run the investigation, enlists cresset
– is tested, to prove his ability is real, in order to use it and testify in front of a court
– is sworn into guard temporarily to allow testimony.

Cresset was

skorps ring tajes damage below zero, and lets him hang on and keep fighting. the ring is filled with his pain and grief and wounds. someday it will get full, and explode on him and boomerang. shadowstone

– drain it a little at time, like a blister, or champagne.

stays in city

– more traveling ensues –

– joins the guard, learns the job, how to walk a beat –
– is tasked with job of inspecting used goods and pawn shops for stolen items –

– runs lost and found for the guard –

– ends up in applewood district –

– slow plot to weaken and attack the kingdom, by hiring key people for “good jobs” at crazy prices, then selling them as slaves when they get out of reach.

– works with quartermaster scribe to build list of the most important jobs/linchpins, and list of those who were hired away, and those hardest to replace.

famous swordmaster teaching the top royals traitor, put in place to teach them good guard, with a built-in hole in their defense. anyone knowing the tricks could kill them at any time.


– hides as a hetheleder – one who sells the dried branches of heather as fuel

– goes home to visit, runs into bad guy –

– relationship with annelin –

– –




  • puunhan-selu – wood-sense
  • kurw-selu – craft-sense
  • kurwaer – craftsman
  • amin hiraetha – deepest apologies


  • Cresset – journeyman collier
  • Skorp – head of princess guard
  • Jordy – young jeweler/metalsmith
  • King Alcinus Practor of Avinar
    • Princess Rebecca (Annalin) Bertha Practor – princess of Avinar
  • Resslin – court mage, tutor
  • Gallen – owner of applewood district
  • Clext Stagenhoe – head of kings guard, Faxon’s father
  • Miriel () Stagenhow – elf, battlemage, faxon’s mom
    • Faxon Stagenhoe (Kyrilu) – half elf, woodyard operator, king’s ranger, aaa
    • Terrowin, nipper, faxon’s foster brother
  • Bob – journyman collier, from Avinar
  • Parl – uncle, master collier
  • Ken – first cousin, twin of Keb, apprentice collier
  • Keb – first cousin, twin of Ken, apprentice collier
  • Glent – apprentice collier
  • Link – apprentice collier
  • Robora – grandfather
    • Vert – King’s woodsman, Cresset’s father
    • Pihla – Cresset’s mom, teacher
  • King Baldwin – of Marl
    • Prince Crispian – of Marl
    • Princess Emmi
  • Grandma Eustice -
  • Baron Xerc
  • Duke
  • Viscount
  • Master Thespin – blacksmith, weaponsmith
  • sergeant grady – spy.border guard
  • wren – spy. clerk, former leatherworking apprentice, human
  • beckter – traveling fullier, charcoal seller, spy, ex-guardsman
  • Barethol Anvilsmith, guard quartermaster, married to Catelon
  • Catelon Grayhammer Anvilsmith, Barunhad’s aunt
  • Uldam – consumables
  • Barunhad Grayhammer, House of Grayhammer’s, king’s weapon buyer
    • Thorkas Grayhammer, son of Barunhad, master jeweler
      • Dag (son, fire station 1)
    • Kyrilon Grayhammer, son of Barunhad, armouror
      • Kellen (Radovan) – dwarf, woodyard operator, son of Kyrilon, aaa fighter
    • Yrain Grayhammer, son of Barunhad, shipping?
      • Askon (cousin), son of Yrain
  • Svendenen, quertermaster, food, kings chef, human
  • Hobart Featherfeet, halfling, master brewer of Castelton (adopted uncle)
  • Novo, halfling, chef
  • House of Rudeyard – cutlery smiths, very high end
  • Yellimas, fashion designer, high couture.
  • Master Gravely , charcoalburner
  • (Joscelin) – mage, aaa
    • Destrian, teamster, friend of terrowin
  • (Lilja) – fighter aaa
  • (Hankin) – aaa thief
  • Master Ibb – wren’s leatherworking master
  • Master Tanithil – tailor, elf
  • Noll – sailor


  • Brentley Woods
  • The Highthorn Forest, north of Middleton (pine forest, burned down hundreds of years before)
  • Principality of VantaniaFFF
  • 5 kingdoms
    • Avinar
      • Avinar
      • Longford (80 miles from Avinar to the northwest.)
      • Dyln Wilds
        • woodcote manor (cresset’s new home)
    • MarlXXX
      • castleton (capitol, cresset’s home town)
      • Oclara (town, Xerc, Thespin)
    • Cumbria
    • Sandomir
    • Ravenspurn
  • ?
    • The Shambles
    • Inglewood
    • Odstone
    • stormsworth
    • frogmire
    • bookbinders alley
    • Skeldergate
    • knavesmire
    • Dilston
    • Cloister
    • abbey
    • Tannin
    • Kolanthel
    • galeo
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